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Dumpster Rental Lynbrook, Long Island, NY

Dumpster Sizes

Dumpster RENTAL Size Options

See Guardians description of each Dumpster Rental size available for Lynbrook, NY and surrounding areas, and what each size is commonly used for. The details on each page will assist you in selecting the dumpster size that best fits your Lynbrook Dumpster Rental project.

10 Yard Dumpster Rental Lynbrook NY

10 Yards

(18 feet long x 7 feet wide x 3 feet tall)

Allows up to 2 tons of debris
The Lynbrook 10 yard dumpster rental will provide enough space for most small remodeling jobs. Used for  – small roof tear-offs, deck tear-downs, fence removal debris, remodeling waste, and other. Works great for Lynbrook residents with garage clean outs and attic waste. The 10-Yarders short side walls and rear swinging door provides two loading options.
20 Yard Dumpster Rental Lynbrook NY

20 Yards

(18 feet long x 7 feet wide x 4 feet high)

Allows up to 4 tons of debris
Our Lynbrook 20 is useful for larger jobs around your home or office for both exterior and interior situations. Guardians 20 yard dumpster rental permits space for most mid-sized roofing debris, junk removal, and appliance and furniture debris. At 18 feet long and 7 feet wide this dumpster will fit comfortablly on most Lynbrook driveways.
30 Yard Dumpster Rental Lynbrook NY

30 yards

(18 feet long x 7 feet wide x 6 feet high)
Allows up to 5 tons of debris
The larger 30 Yarder is one of the most common dumpster rentals for contractors and big clean ups. It’s great for larger jobs that require removal when several truckloads of debris is your necessity. The Guardian 30 yard dumpster is commonly used on construction sites and/or full home remodeling projects throughout Lynbrook and surrounding areas.

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Lynbrook residents have many unique questions and concerns about dumpster rental in Lynbrook and what city rules may apply. Guardian can assist you with all your dumpster rental questions, concerns, and needs. Feel free to fill out the form to have a Local, Lynbrook Dumpster Rental Specialist contact you about your upcoming projects.


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Why choose Guardian

As a homeowner or business owner in Lynbrook, NY in need of dumpster rental services for an upcoming project, you should consider who you should rent from. Be sure to choose a company that is reputable in the Lynbrook area, and that can fit your specific dumpster rental needs.

Guardian Dumpster Rental has years of experience in Lynbrook and has a significant list of satisfied customers. As a local, full-service, dumpster rental company offering dumpster rentals services to contractors and residents of Lynbrook, NY for residential or commercial projects, we should be considered your first choice.

We rent dumpsters that will fit most Lynbrook area driveways. These dumpsters range in size from 10 yard dumpster rentals, 20 yard dumpster rentals, and 30 yard dumpster rentals. Guardian’s dumpsters can be safly placed on your driveway for easy pickup and delivery. The size you choose can hold enough material from small to lagre-sized projects you may have throughout the Lynbrook area.

Our Lynbrook dumpster rental prices are hard to beat. If you’re only shopping for the cheapest price you will be angered by the bait-n-switch pricing some Lynbrook dumpster companies will use to lure you in. The cheap, initial quoates will cost you more in the end when you are charged the hidden fees. We offer fair long island dumpster rental costs based on the size and weight of the debris you are having removed from your property. All of our Lynbrook dumpster rental prices include delivery, pickup, and dump fees.

Guardian Dumpster Rentals is listed as one of the best Long Island carting companies. When you’re searching for dumpster rental ner me, look no further thanthe Lynbrook branch of  Guardian Dumpster Rentals for all your Nassau county dumpster rental needs.

LYNBROOK Dumpster Rental Tips

Dumpster Rental Lynbrook TipsHow to reduce costs when renting a roll-off dumpster: As with any purchase, informed consumers obtain the best pricing. This is also the case when it comes to dumpster rentals in Lynbrook. Consider these tips to educate yourself when shopping for the best dumpster rental prices on Long Island:

Always speak with at least two Lynbrook area roll-off container companies for costs. This will educate you and and you can hear different options from different people. Many times you can ask for better dumpster rental prices by using one dumpster companies costs as leverage with another. (Not through Guardian though, we already know we have the best dumpster rental prices in Lynbrook 🙂

Renters can avoid additional charges by keeping heavy debris like concrete, brick, and dirt out of the dumpster to remain within the allowed tonnage your rented dumpster size offers. Accurate and timely scheduling will also keep costs down. Calling and scheduling your dumpster removal on or before the scheduled date.

Lynbrook residents who are not sure about which size dumpster they need should consider going with the larger dumpster of the two. The difference in price between the different sizes will always be less than the overage charges or having to rent an additional dumpster at full cost. Learn more about Dumpster Rental Prices

How long can I have the dumpster for?: A 7-day rental period is our standard. In some instances, we could allow up to 10-days. We may need to charge an additional fee for each day you have the container over the allowed time limit. It’s best to know how long you may need the dumpster for and ask if there are any additional fees for the additional time.

In some cases, a Lynbrook resident may need the rental longer than they originally thought. Most companies will allow you to keep the container longer by paying a “late fee,” which typically ranges from $25 to $50 per day. There may be a maximum number of days allowed as well. You can always have the dumpster picked up early to be on the safe side. Simply, give us a call and schedule the Early Pickup.

How to measure a Cubic Yard

How to estimate your volume of waste?: People agree, trying to figure out what size container they need can be the most difficult issue when renting a dumpster. Luckily, we are here to assist. We have years of experience with a wide variety of loads from household junk, different sized remodeling projects, roofing shingles, or yard waste. Call a Guardian Dumpster Rental Nassau County Specialist who can help you choose the best container size needed.

You can also estimate the amount of debris yourself by physically measuring it and converting it to cubic yards. One yard is 3 feet long. Nassau County dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. So, one cubic yard is measured at 3 feet wide, by 3 feet tall, by 3 feet deep. Due to the varying container dimensions, bulky or irregularly shaped items may consume quite a bit of volume in the container. It’s best you discuss this with your dumpster rental provider.



FAQs Dumpster Rental Nassau

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    COVID - Does Guardian Dumpster Rental Nassau Provide Zero Contact Service During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Our Nassau County Dumpster Drivers follows CDC and OSHA guidelines to protect its employees, customers, and communities. 99% of the time the driver will drop the container and pick up the dumpster without ever speaking with the property owner, unless necessary.

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    Does Guardian Deliver Dumpster Rentals to Nassau County?

    Guardian Dumpster Rental is proud to serve the Nassau County, NY area. We have 10 Yard Dumpsters, 20 Yard Dumpsters, and 30 Yard Dumpsters available in the Nassau County.

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    When Comparing Nassau County Dumpster Rental Companies, What Questions Should I Ask?

    Our most often-asked dumpster rental questions from Nassau County, NY Residents typically are:

    • How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?
    • What size of dumpster do I need?
    • How long is the rental period?
    • What items can I put in the bin?
    • Will my driveway be protected?
    • What is the charge if I go over the allotted disposal weight?

    As a Nassau, NY resident, we expect that you’d like; a dumpster when you need it; you’d like to know exactly what you’re going to pay for the dumpster; you’ll want to know your property will be protected; and will want to know what you can and cannot put in the container.

    If a dumpster rental company can’t answer these basic questions, it’s best to keep looking.

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    Can You Deliver A Dumpster To My Nassau County Location Today?

    The short answer is; POSSIBLY. Call (516) 261-5600 to find out if same-day delivery is available for Nassau County today. Typically, we’re proud to offer same-day delivery across Nassau County, however, sometimes resources are not available. In most cases, a dumpster can be delivered within 24 hours or less.

    Long answer? Read our full Dumpster Rental FAQ Page.

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    What Dumpster Sizes Does Guardian Offer For Nassau County, NY?

    Guardian Dumpster Rentals offer the most widely used dumpster sizes in the industry. The following sizes are available for your next project:

    Continue to the next question below to figure out what dumpster size you may need for your next project.

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    What Size Dumpster Will I Need?

    Dumpster sizes are measured in cubic yards, which means measuring the length, width, and height of the container and multiplying the three numbers together. For example, a bin that is 18 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 2 feet tall is 10 cubic yards. Guardian’s available dumpster sizes include 10, 20, and 30 yards.

    Of course, the size you’ll need for your home project depends on the project and amount of waste. For small remodeling projects in Nassau County Long Island, like a bathroom, you’ll probably be fine renting a 10-yard dumpster. Obviously, for larger remodeling projects like kitchens and basements, you’ll want a 20-yard container.

    Sometimes, the weight and density of the waste will dictate what dumpster size you’ll need. If you’re doing a roofing project for a Nassau County home, you’ll need to rent a 20-yard bin or 30-yard container, simply to remove the sheer weight of the debris.

    Although you must make the final decision on what size you need to rent and we are not responsible for picking the size for you, this article may help you choose the right dumpster size for your next project.

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    Will The Dumpster I Choose Actually Fit In My Driveway?

    Guardian’s Nassau County Dumpsters Rentals come in 10 Yards, 20 Yards, and 30 Yard sizes. They have a footprint size of approximately the size of two vehicles long. All our dumpsters are 18 feet long and 7 feet wide. It’s the height of the dumpster that changes the number of yards you can fit inside the container. Most Nassau County Long Island driveways are at least 10 feet wide, providing plenty of room for the container.

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    Can I Place The Dumpster Rental On My Lawn Or The Street?

    It’s best to place the dumpster on a flat, hard surface – like a driveway or patio. Surfaces to avoid include slopes, city streets (without a permit), soft ground, and any property that you do not own. Each county, either Nassau County or Suffolk County, and each City or Town will have their own regulations. So, it’s best to be prepared for where you will place your bin rental. All Long Island, NY Counties, Towns, and Cities will allow the dumpster in your driveway or on your property.

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    Will The Guardian Dumpster Damage My Driveway?

    The only way to truly protect your Nassau County property and driveway is to make sure that the dumpster itself never actually touches the driveway surface. We use large, strong wooden planks to protect the surface we are placing the dumpster on. This is all part of our driveway protection system. Check out our residential-friendly delivery process.

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    Do I Need To Be Home When The Dumpster Is Delivered?

    Not at all. However, be sure you clearly inform your delivery driver (who will text you when they are on the way) where you’d like your dumpster placed. Our Nassau County Dumpster Rental Consultants are trained to always ask where you’d like the container placed on your driveway, which allows you to be elsewhere when it’s delivered to your home. View or Tips on how to prepare for your dumpster rental.

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Professional. I saw nightmares online from companies damaging driveways. The driver laid out wood planks to protect my driveway and he was careful and aware of all my concerns. My worries were laid to rest. I will definitely call again when needed.


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Needed to clean out our garage to add a room for husband’s dad. These guys mad a stressful situation a breeze. My husband said every person at the company he dealt with was great. Thanks , so much. We highly recommend Guardian.


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Lynbrook is a village in Nassau County, New York, United States. The Incorporated Village of Lynbrook is inside the Town of Hempstead, neighboring Malverne to the north, Valley Stream to the west, Hewlett to the southwest, East Rockaway to the southeast, and Rockville Centre to the east. Wikipedia

Lynbrook is a suburb of New York City with a population of 19,552. Lynbrook is one of Nassau County’s best places to live in New York. Living in Lynbrook offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Lynbrook there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Lynbrook and residents tend to be liberal. The public schools in Lynbrook are highly rated.


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